Hotshot Privacy Policy

To allow you to understand our policies and procedures, we’ve made this Privacy Policy available to you on the Site, as well as through any other services owned or controlled by Hotshots, including without limitation any features, applications, widgets, or online services that post a link to this Privacy Policy (together with the Site, the “Service”).

Additionally, this policy provides your options for using, accessing, and correcting your personal information. The Privacy Policy incorporates the Hotshots Data Processing Agreement, which also is described in the Hotshots Data Processing Agreement. You should be aware that we often gather information about you in a variety of ways, such as via the Site, the Service, or by conducting offline research.

Our third-party dispute resolution service is available to contact for free of charge when there is an unresolved privacy or data use concern, but the issue has not yet been sufficiently addressed.

Note that the Service may discontinue or modify features or services described in this Privacy Policy at any time. Your use of the Service is governed by our Terms of Service, which you should examine. The link is here ...

To assist you understand what information we collect, how we use it, and what options or rights you may have, we have provided summary statements throughout this Privacy Policy (which are denoted in italics).

However, we urge you to read the whole Privacy Policy to comprehend our data policies and use of personal information.

Included in this Privacy Policy are the following sections:

  1. 1. Collection of the underlisted information

    • Information You Provide for Us
      • Information about yourself
      • Information on Payment
      • Verification of Identity
      • Information on the Target Audience
      • Non-Personally Identifiable Information
      • Information that is both personal and non-identifiable
    • Information Obtained from Outside Sources
    • Automatically Collected Information
      • Cookies
      • Web Beacons
      • Embedded Scripts
    • “Do Not Track” Signals and Our Reaction
    • Work Journals
    • Profiles of Users
    • Community Discussion Boards
    • Job Postings Using the Service
    • Feedback
    • Email Referral Program and Email to Friends
    • Service for Social Networking
    • Terms of Service for SMS
  2. 2. Information Utilization

  3. 3. Data Storage

  4. 4. Information Disclosure and Sharing

    • Consultant information shared with companies or teams.
    • Providers of services
    • Acceptance of Receiving Information from or Sharing Information with Third Parties
    • Purposes of Legal and Investigative Action
    • Internal and Commercial Transfers
    • Contests, Sweepstakes, and Promotions
  5. 5. Analytics companies, ad servers, and other similar third parties

  6. 6. Your Rights and Options

  7. 7. Safety and security

  8. 8. Personal Information Transfers Across International Borders

  9. 9. Hypertext Links to Other Websites

  10. 10. Public Profile

  11. 11. Phishing

  12. 12. Policy Modifications

1. Collecting information

A Consultant could be a user of the Service, or a company (as described in the Terms of Service).

  • Information You Provide for Us

    You may share information about yourself with us anytime you use the Service. Your name and contact information may be included in the information, as well as financial information to make or receive payment for services obtained through the Hotshots platform. The service will collect data connected to your usage of the service, including information about your contacts or friends, and then we will collect this aggregate data along with contact information for you to include your contacts or friends in an existing messaging room. Additionally, we may receive information regarding the company’s consultants.

    • Information about yourself

      Information we request or otherwise collect that can be used to identify you as a specific individual (such as your name or email address) and that may be used to contact or identify you when you use the Service (whether as a Consultant or Company) (“Personal Information”). This information, personal data, is all that’s needed to identify you.

    • Information on Payment

      Also, we collect some payment information, such as credit card or other bank account information, and billing address when you use the Service to make or receive payments.

    • Verification of Identity

      We may seek documentation to verify your Personal Information, such as a copy of your government-issued identification or photo or a billing statement. Facial recognition and other technologies may be used to verify your identity and to detect fraud, identity theft, or other misuse of your account. Sometimes, we could ask for a copy of your government-issued ID in order to confirm this information. You may have to retake an image of your face and submit it with your government-issued identification at some point if you become a Hotshot. This information is only used for identity verification, platform security, and integrity.

    • Information on the Target Audience

      The service is meant for people who are 18 and older. Personal Information about anyone younger than the age of 18 is not collected knowingly. When we learn about a person under the age of 18, we shall remove their Personal Information from our archive. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s Personal Information.

    • Non-Personally Identifiable Information

      Other information, such as zip codes, demographic data, and general project-related data (“Non-Identifying Information”) may be collected. Information about our Hotshots and users who have registered, but have not yet completed their jobs (“unregistered Hotshots”) may be aggregated. While some personal information (such email addresses) can be regarded non-identifying, referred to as “hashed information” in this privacy policy, in some situations, it can be considered personal information as well. In this case, the hash function is used to turn information into code. Your actions and interests are linked, even if you aren’t identified directly.

    • Information that is both personal and non-identifiable

      Personal and non-identifying information may be combined in such a way that enables you to be recognized. It’s also important to understand that the same pieces of information become Non-Identifying Information when viewed in isolation or used together with solely non-identifying information, such as your viewing habits. Some information, even though it doesn’t identify you personally, is nonetheless treated as Personal Information when it is combined with other non-identifying information.

    • Third Party Personal Information

      We gather the following information from you when you offer it for the purpose of adding your contacts to a messaging room: your first name, last name, and email address.

      If we do not obtain information from you, then we will not be able to provide our Service to you. Please contact us using the information below if you have any questions regarding whether providing information is mandatory and the repercussions for failing to do so.

  • Information Obtained from Outside Sources

    From Third parties, we may obtain information about you. Such combined information will be treated as described in this Privacy Policy even if you supply it to us through the Service.

    We may obtain information about you from third parties. An excellent example of how this principle is put into practice is how we might combine such information with that which we acquire as part of a co-marketing agreement or at your request (such as if you choose to sign in with a third-party service). While these will be treated as outlined in this Privacy Policy, the results will be treated as summarized in this document.

  • Automatically Collected Information

    Using our Service is similar to obtaining technical information from other web companies. These technologies are used to help us better understand how you use the Service so that we can keep you logged in, provide you with targeted adverts, and fine-tune our service functionalities.

    The following types of third-party services, including analytics and third-party content providers, are integral to the Service, and all of these third-party services may automatically collect certain information from you when you use or access the Service: This information may include, among other things, your browser information and operating system, as well as the URL or advertisement that referred you to the Service, and search keywords you entered into a search engine that led you to the Service. This log information that we collect automatically may be used in combination with information we collect about you to improve our marketing, analytics, website performance, and services.

    In addition to tracking internet protocol (“IP”) addresses and unique device identifiers (“Device Identifier”) used to access the service, we also collect IP addresses and Device Identifiers from the various devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) used to access the service. Our services employ Device Identifiers to identify your devices. Additionally, some mobile service providers or our third party providers may be able to give information on the actual location of the device used to access the Service.

    In order to enhance your experience, we utilize cookies and related technologies. Data collection technology that is used by Hotshot Users could comprise the following:

    • Cookies

      These are the usual cookies we and our marketing partners, affiliates, analytics, and service providers utilize. A cookie is a little data file that is transferred to your hard drive so that we can maintain record of your visit. In almost all cases, we use cookies that are long-lasting and use session IDs. Once cookies are installed, they remain on your device unless you delete them (such as to save your registration ID and password for future logins to the Service and to track your compliance with the Hotshots terms of Service). Session ID cookies expire when the session ends (for instance, to enable certain features of the Service, to better understand how Hotshots Users interact with the Service and to monitor aggregate usage by Hotshots Users and web traffic routing on the Service).

    • Web Beacons

      We may employ web beacons and/or tracking tags with our marketing partners, affiliates, analytics, and service providers to help us keep an eye on our services and deliver relevant advertising to you. Small pictures included in web pages called web beacons are normally invisible to the user, but they can be used to track the online behavior of internet users. You may also come across web beacons in the websites you browse or in the emails you receive. The utilization of web beacons or similar technologies may be applied for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, measuring how many visitors the Hotshots Service has, monitoring how Hotshots Users travel across the Service, and gauging how many emails were opened.

    • Embedded Scripts

      This technology is used by companies who want to embed scripts within their own websites, as well as by partners, affiliates, analytics, and service providers. In-built scripting code is programs that are meant to collect information about your interaction with the service, such as the links you clicked. Your device downloads the code to your device while you are connected to the Service, and then deactivates or deletes the code when you disconnect.

      We may also use a number of other technologies (such as tags) to gather similar information for security and fraud detection purposes and we may use third parties to provide these services on our behalf.

  • How We Respond To “Do Not Track” Requests

    Do Not Track (DNT) signals have no effect on Hotshots.

    You may want to check your browser settings to see if the “Do Not Track” feature is activated. “Do Not Track” doesn’t have a consensus definition within the business. Despite getting a “Do Not Track” signal from a visitor’s browser, Hotshots does not alter its procedures.

    Data Processing Agreement under the General Data Protection Regulation

    The DPA’s purpose is to streamline the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) compliance process by stating in writing the Customer’s (as defined in the DPA) data controller or processor status (as defined in the DPA) when handling personal data under European Data Protection Legislation; Hotshots has created a Data Protection Agreement (“DPA”) to facilitate this goal (acting as a data processor or subprocessor, as applicable).

    The Data Processing Agreement applies to your status as a Customer unless otherwise agreed to in writing by you and Hotshots.

  • Work Journals and Work Views

    We record the work done by a consultant on a company’s project. We record this data, including the collection of data that has occurred automatically. We shall provide Work Diaries to the applicable company and corporate representative if a Consultant implements Work Diaries. We advise Consultants of what information we’re capturing and ask for their permission to use it in the Work Diary.

    Collecting project information when a Consultant uses the Service is an additional feature provided by a Consultant Consultant. Work Diary is commonly recognized as this feature. In addition to data the consultant supplies, information in a Work Diary includes information such as how many mouseclicks and keystrokes there are and how frequently screenshots are captured (which may include a webcam picture of you if you have enabled this feature in your settings). To utilize Work Diaries, you must first download and install the software that is needed from this location.

  • Profiles of Users

    It is possible for consultants to build a profile where their personal and business information is exposed to the public. Also, organizations can build profile pages.

    In the event you’re given the opportunity to create a profile, which includes information about you, including your Personal Information, work samples, results from tests you’ve taken, and information on the work you have done via the Service and outside of the Service, you will be able to use this to construct your Profile. Profile information, such as your educational background, can be available to all Hotshots users and the general public, unless you decide to make your Profile private. You are able to update certain information in your Profile, such as your gender, date of birth, location, and personal interests, by updating your account settings. You may also choose who can see certain content you publish to your Profile. In addition to connecting an individual user or company with individual users or firms, an organization may have the option to set up an organization profile. To seek removal of an unlawful profile about you, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Verification Of Identity

    Because we place a premium on trust, we may require additional verification to prove your identity.

    An applicant may be required to provide identification verification before completing registration with the Service, or at any point thereafter. In order to keep our verification process open to other options, we ask that Consultants provide a photo ID along with a government-issued ID in order to verify that the individual in the ID is, in fact, the Consultant. It is possible to record video calls, and also take screenshots during them. There are three main reasons why Identity Verification is used by Hotshot: (1) it is used to enforce our Terms of Service and other agreements, (2) it is used to prevent fraud, and (3) it is used to verify your identity.

  • Messaging

    The service makes it possible for consultants and companies to communicate with one other. For instance, company needs and job ideas from consultants could be addressed. It is also a “data controller” with respect to such communications if you communicate with a Company.

  • Community Discussion Boards

    Public forums or blogs may be available to the whole public. Your contributions will be displayed publicly.

    You may have the chance to participate and submit content publicly in communities such as forums, blogs, and interactive features on Hotshots. You have the option of making contributions or posting content (“User Forum Content”) to the site. To ensure our users are comfortable sharing their creative pursuits on the Service, please be aware that the following information, such as your name and User Forum content, may be publicly published on the Service: As noted in the Hotshots Forum Rules and our Terms of Service, the usage of the Community Forums is subject to those rules and the following guidelines:

    Your Community Forum Content is publicly accessible, and it is possible for people to use it or share it with others. The protection of this Privacy Policy will not apply if you choose to voluntarily share your Personal Information or include it in your User Forum Content.

    If you would like to have your personal information removed from our blogs or community forum, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected] While we’re able to erase your Personal Information from time to time, in some circumstances we may not be able to, and we will let you know if this is the case and why.

  • Testimonials

    We showcase satisfied clients’ personal testimonials of service as well as other recommendations on our Service page. As long as you agree, we can display your testimonies and your name alongside. Please email us if you would want to amend or delete your testimonial.

  • Job Postings Using the Service

    If you choose to submit a work listing via the Service as a Company, your work listing’s contents will be publicly accessible unless you decide to make it private by configuring your site’s settings. For the company, the list of work to be done includes information such as budget, location, and previous work orders that were given by the Company, as well as information about the names of other consultants who are working on behalf of the Company, Company feedback and ratings, and how the project is progressing.

  • Feedback

    We use comments from Hotshot Users to glean information about our other customers. Public feedback on your experiences using the Hotshot service or that others provide about you is available by all on the Hotshot service. Feedback may be removed from the Service on rare instances, such as due to our Terms of Service, such as the Terms of Use. No private feedback will be made publicly available via the Service, even if you provide it to other Hotshots Users. We collect user input, too. To reply to your enquiries, improve the Service, and create new goods and services, we use this information.

  • Email Referral Program and Email to Friends

    You can share project postings with friends via email with Hotshots. Users can use the Service to contact and tell others about jobs and requests for services, as well as to receive emails about new jobs and requests for services. It is only OK to share the information of trusted Hotshots contacts, with those who know and consent to it. You have the option of either receiving the desired posting by using your friend’s email address, or to receive the message by yourself, if you use your own email address. Only the data about our referral program’s recipients are stored, and this is done solely for the purpose of delivering the one-time email and monitoring the performance of our referral program. To ask us to delete this information from our database, your buddy may contact us at [email protected].

  • Service for Social Networking

    If you have not already registered on our site, you may register directly or through a social networking website. What we collect depends on your privacy settings with that social networking provider. It’s also possible to “like” or share information via social networking platforms such as Facebook.

    you may register with the Service directly or through a third party social networking service by signing onto your account on our Service (e.g., Facebook, and Other third party services that let you sign in using your existing credentials with those services). We will utilize the Personal Information you supplied to the SNS (name, email address, gender, etc.) to create your account. As noted above, depending on the privacy settings that you set with the SNS and the permissions you provide to us in connection with linking your account with the Service to your account with an SNS, the information we collect from and through the SNS may be different. Personal Information we acquire through our Service is not passed to the SNS, nor is Hotshots liable for it.

    It may also allow you to like or share material on a third-party SNS such as a social network. Actions that you take with regard to material on our Service, including “liking” or sharing it, or otherwise sharing information from or via our Service with a third party, are governed by our Terms of Service. The third party may be able to access information about you and your use of our Service (and we may have access to information about you from the third party). This feature may gather your IP address, and may store it in order to provide you with personalized content. Because of the third-party settings you use with an SNS or similar features, the privacy policies of those third parties apply to your dealings with them.

    You certify that you are the proper user of your SNS account and that you are authorized to use that account for the purposes stated in this agreement without violating any of the terms and conditions that govern the SNS, and without making Hotshots liable for any fees or imposing any usage limitations on Hotshots. You can prevent your Hotshots account from having any connection to your SNS account by simply navigating to the “Settings” area inside our Service. Due to the exclusive nature of your agreement with any SNS, please be aware that your relationship with any SNS is totally dependent on the terms and conditions of your agreement with such SNS. When your SNS account is deleted, all of the functions assigned to you through a Hotshots account-to-SNS link will also be removed.

  • Terms of Service for SMS

    Terms of Service US Short Codes

    Hotshots Alerts
    • For those who choose to participate, the Hotshots Alerts SMS program sends helpful reminders and promotional messages, such as event invitations and job postings, for use on the Hotshots platform.

    • By texting “JOIN” to Hotshots, users will be allowed to join the program. User activity influences the amount of messages that are received. All text messages between you and Hotshots’ data and messaging costs apply. It is advised to contact your wireless provider if you have any questions about your text plan or data plan. There will be no penalty or blame for undelivered messages, because this service is given as a service to you and neither Hotshots nor your mobile carrier will be responsible or liable.

    • To stop the SMS service, send a STOP message to Hotshots. After you send the SMS, you will receive an SMS with a link to cancel your marketing SMS. If you signed up, you may go ahead and opt-in again. Just enter your e-mail address as you did the first time and we will start sending SMS messages to you again.

    For any additional questions, use the keyword “HELP” and select one of the options below:


In order to provide and improve the Service, process your requests, prevent fraud, provide you with information and advertising that may interest you, comply with the law, and as otherwise permitted with your consent, we gather information using the Service.

Information is gathered to be used:

  • To ensure the availability of and improve the Service, complete transactions, resolve inquiries, process registrations, and perform checks on your personal information to prevent fraud, for compliance, and for company purposes

  • Our best guess is that this message is an administrative communication to contact you about various aspects of Hotshots. For instance, Hotshots promotional or marketing materials (or on behalf of Hotshots), as well as administrative communications. To unsubscribe from these messages, simply click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of these emails.

  • This allows us to customise the content we show you on the Service, as well as the offers we may provide to you, both online and elsewhere.

  • As the middle man and facilitator of our business relationship with you, we will administrate and develop it with your corporation or other legal organization if relevant.

  • To study your project proposal to work on the Hotshots crew and generate associated reports on company policies and data.

  • To defend Hotshots’ property and rights, to protect the public, or to prevent or prohibit illegal, fraudulent, unethical, or legally actionable activities. Device Identifiers may also be used to identify Hotshot Users.

  • Consent is given with the understanding that we may collect and process your personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy.

For the objectives indicated above, we will use your Personal Information:

  • To remain committed to honoring our contractual commitments to you. Most of our Personal Information processing is in order to meet our fiduciary responsibilities to our investors, or in preparation of a contract with the users.

  • Let’s ensure our Legitimate Interest is well-represented. We handle personal information in most circumstances because it furthers our legitimate business objectives, including the following:

    • Making our Site and Service available.

    • MaliMalicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or unlawful action must be detected and prevented. Those responsible for the activity must be brought to justice.cious

    • To keep an eye on our customer’s interest and participation in our service.

    • Temporary, time-limited application, such as the contextual alteration of advertising

    • To further improve or upgrade our service

    • Generating fresh ideas and inventions.

    • Internal quality control and safety is a priority for us.

    • To authenticate and validate individual IDs using our system.

    • For diagnosing and repairing errors with our service

    • For interactions, transactions, and other compliance tasks all involve auditing.

    • For policing our commitments and commitments

    • For interactions, transactions, and other compliance activities all related to auditing.

    • To conduct ourselves according to our agreements and policies.

    • For strengthening our business through analysis and betterment

    • For helping protect our users, Hotshots, and others and keeping our information security demands in mind

    • Also, for management of legal difficulties.

In order to fulfill legal obligations. For legal compliance, we must use and disclose Personal Information in specific ways.


Unless you specifically request us to erase information (see here), we maintain your government-issued ID cards and selfies for 30 days, as well as the headshot photo we snap of you for 3 months. We also keep all the information we gather for at least 5 years. Your information may remain in backup copies for longer for the purposes of disaster recovery and business continuity. It is in your best interest to update your Personal Information as often as possible so that we always have up-to-date and correct information about you.


If we use information about you to deliver the Services, such as giving you emails that can help you win prizes, for marketing purposes, or if we are part of a merger or acquisition, we will share that information with third parties.

Third parties can also receive non-identifying information from us. Your personal information will be shared with third parties for their own marketing purposes unless you explicitly state otherwise.

  • Consultant information shared with companies or teams:

    Additionally, we share details about Consultants who have formed a contract with a Company or who have opted to participate in Hotshots Payroll, such as their Work Diary entries and previous employment history, with Companies and Hotshots Payroll suppliers. We may share the suspension of a Consultant with other organizations with which the Consultant has worked or with whom the Consultant has presented bids for engagement. In addition, we may provide information to the Organizations to which Consultants are affiliated in connection with a particular project. When you make the decision to apply for work as a Consultant using the Service, we may share information about you and your qualifications with the applicable company(ies), such as your profile information. The information that you provide with partners of Hotshots who give help to Consultants through the Hotshots Foundation Initiative is available to all other partners of Hotshots who provide support to Consultants.

  • Company Information Shared with Consultants

    Also, we will supply the user with your name, company address, billing address, or tax ID or VAT number, if the user has engaged into a service contract or agreed to utilize the Hotshots Payroll with you. Unless you have granted your permission, the receiver of your information may not use it for unrelated purposes, such as to contact you for marketing purposes.

  • Providers of services

    We may use third-party companies and individuals to provide the service on our behalf, to facilitate the provision of the service, to perform services related to the provision of the service (for example, without limitation, the maintenance of databases, the maintenance of the overall Hotshot service, web analytics, and online advertising), or to assist us in evaluating how our service is used. In order to complete these duties on our behalf, these third parties may have access to your Personal Information.

  • Acceptance of Receiving Information from or Sharing Information with Third Parties

    Agreeing to receive information from third parties or requesting that we share your information may result in several scenarios. When it comes to getting information and/or marketing offers from third parties, you can be presented with an opportunity. To signify your agreement to share your personal information, you promise to disclose your personal information to the third party (or parties) to which you are agreeing. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third parties, and this applies especially to these third parties. It is possible to change your communication preferences in the future if you want to stop receiving communications from a third party. You can also ask us to disclose information about you with a third party, and we will normally do so in those instances.

  • Purposes of Legal and Investigative Action

    The use of Hotshots is restricted to law enforcement and governmental agencies only for legal and investigatory purposes, in response to valid requests from public authorities including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. In order to enforce and comply with the law, we work with government and law enforcement agencies and private parties. We will release your personal information if required by law or court order, or if we determine in our sole discretion that it is necessary to (a) protect the property and rights of Hotshots or a third party, (b) protect the safety of the public or any person, or (c) prevent or stop illegal, fraudulent, or unethical activity.

  • Internal and Commercial Transfers

    The transfer of your personal information, including Personal Information, between the corporation and its parent companies (including any current or future subsidiaries or affiliates), is primarily used for operational and business purposes, such as supporting our service to you, and as such, we may disclose this information to our parent companies and their subsidiaries and affiliates, and they in turn may disclose it to you. We may sell, transfer, or otherwise share any or all of our assets, or in the event of bankruptcy.

  • Contests, Sweepstakes, and Promotions

    Additionally, contests, raffles, and other promotions (each, a “Promotion”) may be offered to registered users. In order to be eligible to participate in a Promotion, you must agree to the rules, which may include a requirement to enable the Promotion sponsors to use your name, likeness, or other indicia of persona in advertising or marketing. Personal information such as your name may be released if you choose to enter a promotion, such as to award winners, to fulfill prizes, or to comply with legal or other requirements such as on a winner’s list.


We might utilize technologies provided by advertising agencies and third-party companies to gather site usage data. Advertising technology can be used by these suppliers to deliver you ads that could be of interest to you. You can choose whether or not you want to receive interest-based advertising.

Hotshots works with several other vendors to provide us with information about the traffic on the Service, including pages seen and the actions taken when visiting the Service. We use this information to serve our advertisements on other websites, in mobile apps, and elsewhere online.

This information could include things like the pages you visit on the service and on other websites, the type of device you’re using, and how long you spend on each page.

We may also use tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons to show you tailored adverts. While you are using the Service or participating in certain activities on other websites and services, it’s possible that your Personal Information will be collected. Additionally, we may also share certain non-identifying information, such as hashed information, with these third parties, such as our service providers. To opt out of interest-based advertising, please click here. You’ll still receive generic advertising, however.

This coalition is made up of advertising service providers who are all part of (add recognized organizations). If you want to learn more about targeted advertising and “opt-out” methods, you may want to check out …….


Personal information that is subject to applicable legislation gives you specific rights and freedoms.

Options Regarding Communicating

  • You have the ability to change your preferences when it comes to communications that we send to you through your online account.

  • To stop getting marketing emails from us, you may remove yourself from our database by following the instructions in the emails. If you would like to receive transactional account notifications (such as administrative and service announcements), but not marketing communications, please be sure you opt-in rather than opting out.

  • You may reply “STOP” to each text message you receive in order to opt-out of text communications.

  • With permission, Hotshots users may be able to receive push alerts. To make a similar point, users who have requested push notifications authorization for their desktop browsers and use the Service with those browsers will, with permission, receive push notifications. Users’ notification options can be adjusted in the program settings or browser settings.

Individuals’ Privacy Rights

You may have the right to:
  • Access your personal information, including whether we are processing it and whether we have obtained a copy of it.

  • Respectfully request that we correct any personal information that is erroneous, out-of-date, or incomplete. If you want to change your personal information in your Hotshots account, go to your settings/user settings, log in, and then view the changes.

  • When you provide your consent or when processing is superfluous, excessive, or noncompliant, please have your personal information deleted, anonymized, or blocked. You must always provide accurate information when creating an account, or your account may be cancelled. You will no longer be able to use the Service if your account is deactivated or you close your account. To close your account, go to Settings/User Settings, and then click on the Close My Account link.

  • You have the right to request that we restrict or object to our processing of your personal information if our processing of your personal information is not compliant.

  • Please be aware that by granting your consent, you are allowing us to process your personal information. Some elements of our Service may not be available if you stop from giving personal information or withdraw your consent to processing.

  • Make the request and receive an electronic copy of your personal information in the form of an electronic data portability.

  • Keep an eye on other entities to which your personal information has been disclosed.

  • To request the assessment of decisions that are solely dependent on automated processing in order to see if it could have an impact on the data subject’s rights.

To learn more about our privacy practices, please check our Privacy Center. Consultants’ job success is calculated by hotshots with automatic means. You may request assistance from us in the following ways: First, if you believe that our services have misused your Job Success Score or that you have other rights regarding your Personal Information, please email us at[email protected]. for support. We can review your Job Success Score for you, such as to see if the information you’ve given us is correct. You have the right to make a complaint with the relevant supervisory body and/or take legal action if you believe your Personal Information has been unlawfully acquired.


To protect your data, we use multiple safeguards. However, no security system is guaranteed to be 100% secure.

Hotshots acts to protect and secure the information it collects and stores on Hotshots users by taking commercially reasonable steps. TLS (transport layer security) is the industry standard method for all internet users to securely access the site. When you provide personal and financial information, such as your tax identification number, we use secure sockets layer technology (“SSL”) to encrypt the transmission of such information.

We further apply the HTTP Strict Transport Security configuration to our Hotshot users to provide an additional degree of safety. Nevertheless, one mustn’t forget that no technique of sending information over the Internet, or holding it in electronic storage, is completely secure. Our ultimate goal is to keep your personal information safe and secure, however it is not possible for us to guarantee and promise the security of any information you provide to us.


We are domiciled in (state country), thus we process and store your information within the jurisdiction where we’re located. Additionally, your service providers could process and store your information overseas.

Information about users outside of the nation who choose to submit information to us is forwarded to the processing facilities situated in our country for processing, and other locations may handle information on behalf of the processing facilities located in our country. If you gave your information in another country, it is possible that your data protection rules will not be as strict as those in the country in where you reside. Your information will be treated as indicated in this Privacy Policy when we move it to our nation.


If you go ahead and make a profile on our site, your information will be publicly accessible unless otherwise stated. If you’ve set your account to private, you can make changes to your privacy settings by accessing your account portal.


Web sites that seem to be established sites in order to gain personal or financial information are known as phishing sites. The practice of “phishing” and identity theft are of critical concern to Hotshots. If you’d want to learn more about phishing, go here. We want you to also notify us of any similar interactions you have had with third parties pretending to be Hotshots so we can look into it.


This Privacy Policy may be modified. We will alert you if significant changes are made.

This Privacy Policy is subject to updates and modifications, and any future changes will be implemented immediately after they are posted. Prior to a change becoming effective, we will make you aware of it with a notification shown on the Service.

In addition, we may send you an email, as we see fit. In compliance with our policy in place at the time you provided the information, we will use your Personal Information in a manner that is consistent with our current Privacy Policy, unless you consent to a new or revised policy.

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